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Dec 27

Spa Services

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Sarah the owner of Elegance spa services of Davenport Iowa. Sarah and her husband Jason have been longtime friends and recently have decided to open up their own spa services and Rental booth building. Sara and my wife met at the school as a massage therapist and quickly …

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Nov 16

Pest Control

  A week ago I had the opportunity to interview John Kuiper the owner of a pest control company in the Quad Cities. He’s a very friendly man with a lot of knowledge in his industry. He has been in business for over a decade and has some amazing stories and some creepy stories as …

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Oct 28

Sauk Valley Massage Therapy

Recently I had an opportunity to interview Sauk Valley massage therapies owner Angie Wyatt. Angie is someone that has worked very hard over the years at a nine-to-five job at a local Deli. Over the years she’s seen people that have decided to get in the services industry like massage therapy and hair styling. During …

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Sep 29

Schafer Fisheries

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to do some consulting work with Mike Schafer the owner and operator of Schafer fish. This particular fishery is located along the Mississippi near Lock and Dam 13. In the city of Fulton Illinois this particular fishery has been there since 1955. Its history is steeped and embedded in local heritage.  Since 1955 Michael’s …

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Sep 26

Newspaper Editor

In my years of sales I have the opportunity to work for a newspaper in the Sauk Valley area. I spoke with the owner Joan about how she got into the industry. She told me she used to live in California and enjoyed receiving a small newspaper at her home. She really enjoyed the recipes …

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Apr 29

Mike Davis Towing Davenport Iowa

A day ago I had the opportunity to have a phone interview with Mike Davis the owner and proprietor of Mike Davis Towing out of Davenport Iowa. Mike Davis told me that he now owns a fleet of 5 Towing trucks. One of those vehicles is able to move large semis as he is located …

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Apr 08

Lawn Care and Snow Removal

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Michael surgeon of ABC lawn care in Davenport Iowa. Throughout my travels I have the opportunity to interview small business owners in various locations not only nationally but internationally as well. As any good reporter interested in this story I try to ask the 5 W’s who what …

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Mar 04

Hardware Store Owner

When you’re working in a small town you get the opportunity to meet several different types of business owners. However small business owners are my absolute favorite ones to interview because they’re very aware of their business overhead and profit, here are two words that follow them around every single day. 5 months ago I …

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Feb 19

Ice Cream Shop

Last summer I had the opportunity to interview an ice cream shop owner in a small town of about 22,000 people. During the interview I had a unique insight into an area that I had never worked in before. I spoke with the local owner Tricia Karas about the dairy dream that she owned for …

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Feb 04

Heating and Air Conditioning

In my travels I often get to run into several different types of people daily. During these journeys I run into small business owners, medium size and very large entrepreneurs managing millions of dollars. I recently had a conversation with a small business owner from DeWitt Iowa who owns a heating and air conditioning company …

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