Feb 04

Heating and Air Conditioning

In my travels I often get to run into several different types of people daily. During these journeys I run into small business owners, medium size and very large entrepreneurs managing millions of dollars.

I recently had a conversation with a small business owner from DeWitt Iowa who owns a heating and air conditioning company in the area and services to Davenport in the Quad Cities area. He recently told me that one of the challenges with his business is keeping a pipeline of new business coming his way. He said often he finds himself working on new jobs and it is very difficult to be working on these proposals and selling his next job. He says it’s one of the things that with being a small company not being able to hire additional help really puts the squeeze on him for his time. New technologies and ways of doing business that his father wasn’t able to buy are becoming more efficient.

One of those technologies that he has been able to leverage has been the utilization of just simple things like Google Documents and being able to share a better proposal that can actually been manipulated and changed in almost real time has been a huge benefit to him in gaining new business.

He said with tools like this he’s been able to follow up with customers in a more timely fashion and then close much quicker on sales. This high level of satisfaction that comes from his customers has led to more referrals and more business for him in the end.

Jason said he’s constantly looking at ways to innovate and make his job easier by the utilization of Technology. That’s probably been one of the biggest changes that’s happened in his Industry in the last 10 to 15 years. Again Jason looks forward to and invites new technology into his life every single day and by doing so he’s been very open and receptive and these tools have helped him get time back throughout his day.

Jason said if he had one bit of advice to offer another small business owner it would be to take the time to invest in yourself. Meaning get involved in some technology, take the time to sit down and really understand where you’re at. Sometimes the tornado around us has a way of affecting us in a way that wouldn’t be so significant if we took the time to create peace and time to read.