Mar 04

Hardware Store Owner

When you’re working in a small town you get the opportunity to meet several different types of business owners. However small business owners are my absolute favorite ones to interview because they’re very aware of their business overhead and profit, here are two words that follow them around every single day.

5 months ago I had the opportunity to meet a gentleman that owns his own hardware store and a week ago I had the opportunity to interview him over the telephone. During the interview he explained to me and that in the last 25 years he’s worked in Hardware. Hardware specifically for things around your house cabinets, screws, nuts, bolts, anything that you can possibly bolt down to or attach to your home or in some cases, farm equipment.

I asked him “what are your biggest challenges in the hardware industry?”

David stated that as an owner of a hardware store that the big box stores give him the most trouble when it comes to pricing.

David let me know that the way that he has successfully kept market share is by offering extreme levels of customer service that are completely uncompromising.

I had to agree with David that Customer Service when I come into a hardware store is very important to me. As I know very little about Hardware or all the components that go in with it and it can be a sea of confusion for someone like myself. When I asked him how he effectively spreads his employees throughout the business he told me that he often will do seminars that teach specific skill sets. Each weekend he offers a specific training. Last weekend it was a training on how to hang a door. This draws attention and brings in customers he stated.

David feels like this unique marketing has helped him gain new customers and help him to build his business organically throughout the community. During the winter months on Saturdays he offers a hobby building class. This hobby building class can be anything from a bird house to a breadbox. Still it helps and engages customers and makes new friends.

David said his small business is one that will continue to grow and hopefully one day he will be able to pass it on to his son and his daughter.