Apr 29

Mike Davis Towing Davenport Iowa

A day ago I had the opportunity to have a phone interview with Mike Davis the owner and proprietor of Mike Davis Towing out of Davenport Iowa. Mike Davis told me that he now owns a fleet of 5 Towing trucks. One of those vehicles is able to move large semis as he is located off a main Interstate of traffic. Mike and I had an opportunity to talk a little bit more about his long-term business goals and where he’s coming from. Mike said he started off working as a mechanic and learning basic things like oil changes at a local Quick Lube.

Mike said he was an avid reader of those Auto Trader magazines that you see in those General Casey’s stores or gas stations. He found an old fixer upper tow truck for $500 and purchased it. After a couple of weekends in the garage he put his name in the yellow pages and was soon getting telephone calls from people that needed all junk yard cars picked up and delivered from one place to another.

Soon it became evident that the volume of phone calls he was getting was going to keep him away from his Quick Lube $9 an hour minimum wage job on a more daily basis.

After a couple of months Michael explained that he was able to find another old junk tow truck and fix it up again just replicating his success that he had with the last one. Soon after that he was able to find an old Fixer-Upper tow truck for cheap and he purchased it. After fixing it up over a weekend with his friend it was up and running.

The phone calls kept coming in and so he was able to hire away one of his friends from Quick Lube to drive a truck for him. This same process repeated itself over a five-year period.  Soon his old employer Jiffy Lube was having to recruit new candidates to come and change oil. At this point he is now a company that’s been around for a solid 15 years.

He said year after year all he’s done is upgraded is tow trucks and added one or two more. The type of service that he’s offered over the years has been one that has been consistently used by locals from Davenport and the Quad-City area. He said he’s enjoyed working with the general public and any time he can help people that are broken down along the road and get them from a distance he just thinks of his own family in that same situation.