Sep 26

Newspaper Editor

In my years of sales I have the opportunity to work for a newspaper in the Sauk Valley area. I spoke with the owner Joan about how she got into the industry.

She told me she used to live in California and enjoyed receiving a small newspaper at her home. She really enjoyed the recipes that the paper provided however quickly found out they were not good. An easy way to lose readership is to provide recipes that make the reader feel like they don’t know how to cook.

She contacted the paper about this issue and then began creating easy to follow and successful recipes for them. After a short while she was asked to do some basic editing and help grow the newspaper over a few years.

She moved to the Sauk Valley area to stay near family and had the amazing opportunity to purchase a small newspaper. It had had a very strong start but the owners have several businesses and wanted to give it to someone with experience so that it wouldn’t die out. Joan jumped on the opportunity and still runs the paper today.