Sep 29

Schafer Fisheries

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to do some consulting work with Mike Schafer the owner and operator of Schafer fish. This particular fishery is located along the Mississippi near Lock and Dam 13. In the city of Fulton Illinois this particular fishery has been there since 1955. Its history is steeped and embedded in local heritage.  Since 1955 Michael’s father originally opened the very first fish stand along Lock and Dam 13. This particular fish stand included a small 700 + square foot fish stand that included a small batch smoker. His small-batch smoker quickly turned out some of the top quality smoked maple wood fish along the Mississippi. Over a period of time is customers came to him and his small business grew into a relatively booming fish market. Throughout the years the river changed in small Fisheries started to go away. However Mr. Shaffer senior continue to grow and expand and his business became healthier. Over a period of time they started not only sending this domestically but internationally as well.

Since 1955 they’ve been able to service countries as far away as China and Iraq. Curly they’re serving 16 countries throughout the world with fresh frozen throughout the years the industry has changed and the small Fisheries have completely gone away. Schafer fish continue to serve the Upper Midwest since 1955 with fresh and frozen fish. Over the years several things have changed Michel’s stated that the invasive species call the Asian carp or the Silver Fin has created quite an opportunity for his business. In a later interview Michael talks about Schafer fish idea for the Asian carp. However for the purpose of this interview Michael wanted to stay on topic and discuss his future with his marketing plan. Michael discussed in some detail the future of Schafer fish being more monetized domestically and less focused internationally. Michael stating that the reason their focus once to be more on the domestic Market has more to do with the dollar fluctuations that happen internationally.

He said the same amount of work that we do for our International companies are the same amount of work that we do domestically in Austin for a quarter of the price. So it really comes down to his return on his investment being more focused on the domestic Market. In a later interview Michael discusses new products and new opportunities in the fish invasive species Market.

Schafer fish Michael Schafer small business interview continued she flew fish Michael Schaefer small business interview continued in this particular interview Michael and I talked about the invasive species call the Asian car for Silver fin. This particular fish with introduced into the Mississippi several years ago. It is approximate in that this fish landed in our water is around 1994: siding with a large 100 year flood that has happened here consistently throughout the Geographic time span of the Mississippi area.

When this flood happen it happened to overflow some septic areas that contain these species of fish to help me LG and maintain control naturally. When the fish was introduced into the river it started multiplying because if its ability to eat over 40% of its wait daily. This created a situation of it out competing our natural fish. This has been a real problem and the government has stepped in to help out. Michael has been an innovator in creating a product to use the Silver Fin. One of the products that Michael has created his Benny mint product that tastes like taco meat. This particular product has been designed specifically for institutions like schools and prisons. The flavor profile is very good and taste much like real taco meat would. This particular product is being  sold in the wrong format the University of Chicago with great success. Any place in Asian population is will have more particular success with this potential product.