Oct 28

Sauk Valley Massage Therapy

Recently I had an opportunity to interview Sauk Valley massage therapies owner Angie Wyatt. Angie is someone that has worked very hard over the years at a nine-to-five job at a local Deli. Over the years she’s seen people that have decided to get in the services industry like massage therapy and hair styling. During her years of observation she seeing people like this do very well and earned excellent wages. In the last three years she has finished her massage therapy license and opened a small massage therapy at a tea place in downtown Dixon Illinois. Her long-term goals are to slowly work away from her nine-to-five job and build her clientele list for Sauk Valley Massage Therapy.

One of the things that she’s enjoyed is connecting with people that are in pain and giving them release through techniques that she has mastered too. What are the challenges that she has found is finding new clients. One of the way that she said she is finding new clients is by creating a good social media platform that she regularly updates. Also by participating in giveaways for local charities she’s been able to create quite a Client List. Currently she’s looking at expanding and taking on a partner to fulfill some Daytime shifts that she is currently not available for. She is looking forward to growing her business and is on track to be full-time as a massage therapist in one year. Her other focus in building the massage therapy business has been creating residual income as well. How she is focusing on creating residual income is by creating products that she uses during the size therapy. What are those products that she currently uses on her clients is a Young Living essential oil product. This particular oil can be used for a number of reasons pain relief, stress relief, or just plain relaxation.

By creating these alternative revenue streams she’s hoping to create more residual income. So even when the person is not there or coming for a massage on a regular basis if they value this particular product then she will be able to create more Revenue. I was very happy to hear that residual income is certainly a part of what she is looking to create.

Small business owners are certainly savvy when it comes to their bottom line. Ultimately in the next year Angie is looking to sponsor either a soccer or a basketball team so she can get some more publicity on a local level. She understands the importance of advertising and plans on effectively marketing herself in as many venues that makes sense as possible.