Nov 16

Pest Control


A week ago I had the opportunity to interview John Kuiper the owner of a pest control company in the Quad Cities. He’s a very friendly man with a lot of knowledge in his industry. He has been in business for over a decade and has some amazing stories and some creepy stories as you would imagine involving creepy crawlies.

I asked him how he got in the business and he said it all started with his own personal problem of having termites in his home. He tried every home remedy he could afford and couldn’t do it and was forced to hire a professional. After seeing how they were able to really help him out, he was so grateful. After all having a bug problem in your own home really does affect you on a deep level. He thought it was a great way to help others, and soon found he could support his family as well.

I asked him what was worse, pest control or animal control. He said definitely Animal Control. Pests are ultimately of one mind and they operate with one function, survival of the colony. They are a colony and you have to get to the source. Animals however are an entirely different matter. Not only can they be way more dangerous and pose a threat to the technician, but they are very good and crafty at finding their way into places they shouldn’t be.

John expressed that over the years the problems are the same but the techniques and tools to solve them are becoming much safer and much more efficient. He vows to use his professional expertise to help you solve your problem quickly, safely, and affordable.