Dec 27

Spa Services

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Sarah the owner of Elegance spa services of Davenport Iowa. Sarah and her husband Jason have been longtime friends and recently have decided to open up their own spa services and Rental booth building.

Sara and my wife met at the school as a massage therapist and quickly became friends. About 10 years ago she decided to become a part-time massage therapist for some income. This quickly gained through the income she was hoping for but taking a lot of her time. A couple of years ago her and her husband Jason decided to start looking for a piece of property to renovate in a commercial area of Davenport.

Jason has been in heating and air conditioning in the Davenport area for now about 15 years so he was always on the lookout for property that made sense to purchase. A couple of years ago they had their eyes on a piece of property that might be the ideal Elegance spa location. This particular piece of property was easy for them to build out and make into individual rooms. Sarah said her idea originally came to mind when she saw how many people were renting booths for hairstyles cuts and colors.

She felt like it might be a great small business incubator first someone just like herself when she first got started. Her location has several small rooms for people that might be looking to rent them month by month.

This particular business model is going to give someone a nice location to come and perform their services. This particular location that they have built out will have several spaces that people will be able to grow their clientele. If you’re a small business owner and looking to expand your business in the Davenport area. It might be a good idea to have a conversation with Sarah.

I understand after looking at the location that this area will fill up quickly and then it will definitely have a high demand. Sarah says her idea also stemmed from the fact that when she initially got out of massage therapy school she never had a real place to go and perform her service period the idea of going to In-Home Care is something that as a young woman just did not seem very safe. Sarah hopes that this answers the question for a lot of people on how to perform their services whether it be massage therapy or energy work like Reiki. even kinesiology. Sarah looks forward to helping out others that are small business owners in understanding what might make sense for them. As someone that has gone through some of the same struggles and questions I’m sure the information that Sarah has to offer is invaluable.

One of the things that Sarah is looking for in partners that become renters at her space is someone that is very like-minded. Sarah mentioned that not only our service is important but residual income like having a product to sell. She mentioned that Young Living and essential oil that is something that has become very important in our modern culture is a great product line for her to sell.

She’s looking to coach some of the other renters to become more thoughtful and mindful about building residual income and not just renting a room or servicing a client for your time. It seems to me that Sarah has a really good idea on how to create a stable business for herself and even a growing business for the ones that could be renting from her. I really enjoyed our conversation and I wish her a huge success in her Endeavor with building this small business in Davenport Iowa.